Guildford Grammar School

New ideas in education

June 2015


11 Terrace Rd, Guildford WA


Guildford Grammar School



Supply Partner

Kaiser and Kuhne

Supply Partner

Four Landscape Studios

Landscape Architect


Erin Dolman

Design Consultant

Learn and play

School is a place of learning and social interaction, but it should also be fun! Working with Guildford Grammar School, we created a school play space with a difference — namely, a custom slide children can use to exit the Principal's office and enter the lower levels of a unique playground. Finding themselves outside, children are surrounded by sliding, digging, sand sifting and water pools perfect for sensory play. With recirculating water that moves from one pool to the next, the surrounding area will be a haven from the sun in the future, with native flora planted around the play equipment. A great opportunity to explore and discover, offering endless games, this playground brings some more fun to school!

Endless games and discovery opportunities!

Featuring a custom slide for quick exits from the Principals Office along with project specific water and sand play elements, Guildford Grammar is a great example of how clever design and an open mind can deliver truly spectacular results.

Play your own way

We work with our clients to develop custom designs that meet their individual needs.