Eastland Shopping Centre

Intelligent design in minimal space

April 2016


Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood VIC




Berliner Seilfabrik

Supply Partner


Richard Norris

Technical Manager

Maximising a small space

Formed through an adaption of the ‘Univers Net Structures’ concept, the Eastland Shopping Centre indoor play space is a 4m cube design that capitalises on every inch of the small, high traffic area within which it is set. A custom design by PlayRope and supply partner, Berliner, it is a clever concept for a small space.

The design comprises high-wear, flexible beige ropes with steel cores, complemented by white aluminium connection points known as 'nodes'. The cube itself is created from Tensile 316 grade stainless steel, friction-locked mesh. Together, the elements appear as a floating, cubed play solution, that perfectly ticks the light-weight and transparency requirements of the shopping centre.

Inside the cube, the climbing space has a macramé style, with clover-leaf rings that give the ropes opportunity to cross over and create small square footholds for climbing. This effect both looks amazing, and is a key factor in reducing the height of fall to less than 600mm, which changes the requirements of the softfall that is used under the climbing equipment — a big positive for landscape architects and developers.

Play your own way

We work with our clients to develop custom designs that meet their individual needs.