Look further and find adventure

Adventure-based play is invigorating to be a part of, and just as riveting to watch! Play spaces that challenge, thrill and inspire, encouraging children to negotiate, communicate, race, and problem solve to get from A to B, make for some of the best play days they'll ever have, and help them hone valuable skills they'll use now and in the future.

Building balance and enhancing gross motor-skills doesn't have to mean hanging from equipment towering high above the ground. Why not incorporate a low ropes course that will encourage development of the same abilities, with the confidence to combine agility and movement? At PlayRope, we like to foster your creativity and add some of our own, to provide play opportunities that motivate children to think outside the box of their everyday experiences.

Clever design will ensure that using any piece of equipment can be the start of an adventure

Play your own way

We work with our clients to develop custom designs that meet their individual needs.