About PlayRope

In the spare room of a Sydney home, almost two decades ago, Graeme Gilson was developing his vision for an Australian company that is dedicated to crafting safe, creative and memorable play spaces for people of all ages.

In 2017, PlayRope is a leader in unique and breath-taking, yet practical playground design and installation. It has built a comprehensive global network of quality and innovative manufacture suppliers, and worked on some of the most inspiring projects in both Australia and New Zealand.

Driven by Graeme's vision, PlayRope has developed an expansive and unparalleled product range, and has proven its capacity to deliver individuality in design, regardless of the project requirements, its budget, space or location.

Our design and operations team are second-to-none. Motivated by their passion for projects, that bring joy and education to children across two countries. They approach all projects with a sense of imagination, innovation and insight.

Bringing together intelligence in design, with more product options than any other company, PlayRope breathes life into even the smallest city space, providing exciting, engaging play opportunities for people of all abilities, that leave lasting memories.